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Project Description


Highly specialized Canadian Medical volunteers arrive at the Main Military Clinical Hospital in Kyiv, Ukraine, they help make a difference in the lives of wounded Ukrainian soldiers, victims of Russia’s invasion of eastern Ukraine.

Objective: Create a documentary to raise awareness about the current situation in Ukraine and the humanitarian Canadian Medical Missions who come to aid the injured.

Time frame: 2.5 years

Role: Film Director of a 1 hour 15 minute documentary titled “Recovery Room”.
WebDesign: Create a promotional website for the documentary, and also giving more information about the doctors and patients. (
Videography: Filming in the operating rooms of the main military hospital in Kyiv, Ukraine.


Recovery Room: a film about the armed conflict between Ukraine and Russia
Adriana Luhovy et la jeunesse blessée d’Ukraine
Гість – Адріяана Лугова, кінорежисер
Award-winning documentary “Recovery Room” holds screenings

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Recovery Room

2 days 8 hours ago

Thanks for the great article Kalyna Kardash & Ukrainian Echo - Homin Ukrainy

Recovery Room

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Recovery Room shared BCU Foundation's post.

On Thursday, March 22, 2018, BCU Foundation was proud to present the Toronto Premiere Film Screening of Recovery Room - a feature documentary that tells the story of several humanitarian Canadian Medical Missions in Ukraine in 2014 and 2015. Composed entirely of volunteers, the medical team shares their story as they tried to make a difference in the lives of wounded Ukrainian soldiers - victims of the Russian invasion of Eastern Ukraine.

"Recovery Room" is director, Adriana Luhovy's, first major feature documentary film which raises public awareness to the ongoing war in eastern Ukraine and its impact. BCU Foundation is proud to support Adriana and her team with the production of this film and is even more proud to have the opportunity to share her work of art with the wider Ukrainian-Canadian community and beyond.

Recovery Room

3 weeks 5 days ago

Thank you so much to everyone who attended the Toronto Premiere of the feature documentary Recovery Room on March 22nd, at the Old Mill.

Most of all thank you to the incredible team at BCU Foundation for organizing and sponsoring the event and taking the time to display my photography from my time volunteering with the Canada Ukraine Foundation Medical Missions.

Thank you to the speakers - Ivanna Baran-Purkiss, Dr. Oleh Antonyshyn, Roman S. Medyk, Sylvie Monette, and my mother Zorianna Hrycenko, and our honoured guest Consul General of Ukraine in Toronto, Andriy Veselowsky for attending.

I am also grateful for the members of the medical team and CUF organizers who attended, and who we could acknowledge and congratulate for their incredible work and dedication throughout the years. I want to extend the appreciation for all those who could not make it last night.

This event brought the community together, and many others who are becoming increasingly aware of the current situation in Ukraine. There was much discussion after the film – motivating us to ask ourselves what more can we do. I believe as a community and as people we can always do more. There are incredible organizations here in Toronto (and across Canada) which work hard to make a difference. I encourage you all to reach out to the organizations that mean the most to you, including local activists you know, and ask them how to become more involved. Change can be made by many little actions, no action is too small. It’s about all of us coming together to make change happen.

As much as I want to encourage people towards action, I also want to recognize that there are many in the community who give their all – all the time. And I want to encourage you to take some time for yourselves sometimes. So I encourage you all to be kind, reach out, and listen to one another - you never know what someone is going through.

Making Recovery Room is and has been an incredible journey.

Last night, I got a chance to speak a bit about the importance of mental health, and for the first time, shared my own story of being at Dawson College during the school shooting in 2006 in Montreal. Trauma has an interesting way of staying in our system and has interesting ways of trying to come out.

Recovery Room is about the ongoing war and trauma and recovery efforts in Ukraine, but it was also a very personal journey of dealing with my own traumas. Some of which came knocking hard as I tried my best to sit in the editing room with this film throughout its making. A big thanks to Producer and Editor Yurij Luhovy for pushing this film forward throughout it all. All of us seeing the bigger picture, the importance of the completion of the film, a way to share the stories of the courageous Ukrainian soldiers and dedicated Canadian and Ukrainian medical professionals who help them.

What a journey it has been with this film, with the Ukrainian community, and throughout it all - a very personal journey of healing.

I am still filled with emotion and equally humbled by the kindness of everyone who sang a beautiful happy birthday to my mother. She has dedicated her life to the Ukrainian community, and what joy it brought that the community could give this special gift of song and togetherness on this day. It is a moment we will cherish.


To my mother – Happy birthday once again, and for many more exciting years to come.

I believe BCU Foundation will be sharing more photos shortly – but I asked to share at least one by Ania Jacyniak for this post. Thanks for capturing these special moments.

Recovery Room

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I had the incredible opportunity to share my experience of filming and directing Recovery Room with students taking Prof. Marusya Bociurkiw's documentary class (Media Theory) at Ryerson University!!

Thank you Marusya!! LOVED the experience. What great students you have!